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Wow, I never expected that!!! A great 15-1 season gone in the blink of an eye. The Packers proved it doesn't matter what you did in the regular season, the opposion is after you. Turnovers, a poor defense, dropped passes all were part of the Packers death. Heck, we even got help from the refs a couple times and couldn't take advantage!! Pretty poor. Blame falls on everyone, from the head coach to the water boy. Well, it's officially baseball season.....GO BREWERS!!
I need to releive some stress. Friday, I'll be heading to Mexico for a couple weeks. Hope they have a cold Margarita waitin' for me.
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Warmth IS a good thing. Unless you own a resort in northern Wisconsin, and depend on snowmobilers for a big chunk of you annual income. As nice as it is for a guy like me, who doesn't own a snowmobile, doesn't ski or ice fish, it's got to be devistating for a northern Wisconsin resort owner to wake up and hear the morning DJ say, "Near record temps are on the way today". Temperatures are expected to be 25 degrees above normal again today. 25 degrees!!! That's HUGE!! Maybe there is something to Al Gores global warming thing!!  If this trend continues, maybe I'll cancel my 2 weeks in Mexico in 10 days. Nah....The airlines won't give me my money back.
So Mother Nature...........LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!!!
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The Packers closed out the regular season with a 45-41 victory over the Lions Sunday at Lambeau, and will take a week off before hosting their first playoff game. It's been pretty hard to dislike the Lions over the past 12-14 years since they've been so bad. But things are changing, BIG-time. It all starts with the Lions head coach, and goes to a tight end who thinks he's a pro-bowler, and a "Boy named Sue" who decides to mock Packer QB Aaron Rodgers with a championship belt move of his own!!!
I wonder if the Lions realize they got beat by a team who sat many of their best players?? Detroit needed this game in the worst way. Instead of playing a "so-so" New York Giants team next weekend, they now travel to New Orleans to take on the hottest team in the NFL. If our 2nd string QB passed for 480 yds & 6 TD's, what is Drew Brees going to do?? Good Luck with that.
Back to yesterdays game for a second.....Did you ever hear announcers want a team to beat the Packers any more than Tom Brennamen and Brian Billick did yesterday? I tried turning off the TV and listen on the radio, but a 5-6 second delay was not good. All I've got to say about that is they both must have had a ton of ca$h bet on the Lions. 
But all's good after the win. Think Matt Flynn made some money for himself yesterday? With his record performance, he will be the most sought after free agent after this season. Good for him!!! And one last thing about the NFL from yesterday. Can we PLEASE stop all the Tebow-Time Talk?? Tim Tebow is a below average QB, who had a bunch of lucky come from behind wins. Yesterday, when all was on the line he completed a whopping 6 passes for 59 yards. 6 of 22 for 59 yards!! Man, it sure is nice have Aaron Rodgers in Titletown, isn't it........................
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