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Happy Halloween !!!
Thanks to all who participated in our 1st annual 98Q Halloween parade through downtown Park Falls. A bunch of kids and parents braved 40 degree temps for parade. Congratulations to all of our prize winners including the Milwaukee Brewer Racing Sausages. We'll have a complete list of winners on the air later today.
And a big Thank You also to the Park Falls Chamber for putting on a awesome haunted house. It drew rave reviews from all who attended. Even one adult who went through told me "Good thing I had my diaper on!! That was super scarey" !!!
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Coming up tomorrow at Chequamegon High School's gymnasium, one of the biggest battles will be fought. No, it's not the Eagles vs the Loggers or Red Raiders. It's the battle to bring National attention to the only know POW, Bowe Bergdahl. His story has been well documented on 98Q the past 6-8 weeks, with several live broadcasts of many Bergdahl related events. If possible, show up for this free event, tomorrow, Saturday October 13th, 11AM. Lets show everyone that little ol' northern Wisconsin cares "BIG-TIME". No, we don't know this guy personally. We don't know his family or friends. But we  do know that he was captured against his will in late June on 2009. Let's get Bowe back !!!! I'll (hopefully) see ya there............... 
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Happy Fall
Well, here we are. Same ol' stuff....leaves are falling, temps are cooler, and snow (YES, SNOW!!) has been seen on the ground. The only thing different this year is our state football teams ability to dominate as in years past. Both the Badgers & Packers seem to be average. You can blame a lot of different items for the downturn. No running game, injuries, the quarterbacks holding the ball too long, THE REF"S.........But maybe, just maybe, we're not as talented as in years past!!
The good news......There's a long way to go. Keep the faith!!!!!
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