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YES, spring is here....or did we go right to summer? Finally some 70 degree temps. Yippeee!!
Speaking of "Yippeee".....I see where Joel has finally updated his blog after 8 months. He must of finally had some free time now that he's on vacation. Hope he enjoys Miami. The last time we were there on vacation, we got our rental car broke into, & we was robbed!!!!
Enjoy the great weather while it lasts....we may not have seen the end of the snow yet. I'm only half kidding when I say that.
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Tragedy Again

Yesterday, once again, tragedy struck the good ol' USA. The latest reports have 3 people dead, and over 150 seriously injured. You've seen the news reports and pictures, so you know the magnitude of the event. Truth is, this kind of activity has been going on for a long time, and there will always be "wacko's" trying this sort of destruction. ALWAYS!!
Not much anyone can do. EXCEPT....Maybe the "eye for an eye" school of thought. Make it straight across the board, drug killings, theft, robbery..........You kill someone, you get the same treatment. Sounds pretty harsh (and it is) but  it definately cuts down on crime & murders across this great country of ours. It certainly saves us taxpayers a ton of money on houseing & feeding criminals. Imagine what could be done with that excess cash to improve our country.

I'm off the soapbox, enjoy our beautiful spring :(

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Spring? Spring?
Wow, what a cruel trick from that mother of ours on the nature side!! Last year a week PLUS of 70 degree temp's, and this year we haven't even hit 50 yet angry. I guess that's the way it is here in northern Wisconsin, why complain?
Over the weekend, we held our 98Q Country Home & Recreation Show at Cheguamegon High School. There's certainly a lot of "thank-you's" to send out on this one, including everyone associated at the school for all their help, all the great vendors who sacrificed their entire weekend, and all the folks who attended. It was a hit, especially for this DJ that talked to a ton of folks. I don't know how many "Nice to put a face to the voice" commonts I got..
As far as the Brewers.......My mom told me a long time ago, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything. I'm going to be as quiet as a mouse!!
Talk to ya on the radio.... 
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