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I'M #2 !!!
Yes, I didn't take home the gold, but the silver isn't a bad booby prize!! My afternoon show, which we've been practicing at for 14 years now, took 2nd place in the category of "Best Radio Show from 9am-5am" for small market stations in the state of Wisconsin. Truely, it's quite an honor, and I'm grateful to the WBA (Wisconsin Broadcasters Association) for electing my afternoon show for this award. I have to admit, we try to make it an enjoyable ride home weekday afternoons. The Gala event in Madison was equally as awesome, with the "Red Carpet" treatment. The drinks were cold, the food excellent and the atmosphere being in a room with over 200 of the states best radio & TV personnel was exciting. Thanks for listening....I gotta go....theres work to be done!!!!
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Mother Nature has done it again!! 8"-16" of wet heavy snow is not cool. The worst thing is the days that lead up to the snow. 4 sunny, warm days, even one at 81 degrees, just made the snow more of a jolt. I've lived up here over 35 years now, and have never went through anything like this. Have a great weekend, if thats possible.
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