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Hope ya'll our enjoying the first half of 2013. 1st, the winter that never wanted to end, then the spring that never wanted to get here, and now a very wet start to summer. Yes, summer got here on Friday, and our days now get shorter from here on out!! Just call me "Mr. Sunshine" for all the good news.
If you've been listening to 98Q (& aren't we all?) you've noticed a few new voices on production, or commercials as you know it. A big welcome to Paul Dischler and Tammy Upson ( I know theres a "Phillips" in there for Tammy, but not sure if it's b/4 or after the Upsonsmiley) They are both great additions to our already dedicated staff, and both have a real passion for radio. They've already been around the northwoods doing terrific "live remotes", and there are tons more to comeyes. Take Care....I'll see ya on the radio.
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