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What a GREAT Summer!!
All freakin' 13 days of it. Have we ever had anything close to this? First winter never wanted to end, now fall is in the air big-time. Woke up Saturday & Sunday mornings to 45 degrees. 45!!!! July 27th & 28th. JULY....NOT....OCTOBER. Poor kids at Butternut Pioneer Days over the weekend had to wear parkas on the Merry-Go-Round with gloves to not get frost bite!! The parade is this afternoon. Can't wait to see the clowns in their long johns & boots!!
Hopefully, things warm up a tad for Flambeau Rama next weekend. Hopefully you've qualified for our annual Backyard BBQ Contest. Myself and sales gal, Tammy Phillips will host the event under the big top starting at 5pm. We've still got 16 slots to fill for the contest, so keep still could get in and have a chance to win that fantastic prize package from area businesses.
And lastly, I know you're all wondering why I haven't chatted on this site about the cheating, lying, fraud, Ryan Braun. I did touch a little bit on air, but truth is, it has gotten me so upset, I don't want to say something that I'll regret later. Shocked at the whole mess: NO!  Disappointed, angry and sad that a player of his stature would lie to teammates, management and Brewer fans: YES
Ryan Braun....You fooled all Brewer fans young and old, and will never be able to repair 2 years of lies. Now our only state hero to look up to is your buddy who wears a #12 on the back of his Green & Gold football jersey.
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Welcome to summer!! Tempertures in the low 90's, humidity at 90%....Yeah, Baby.....bring it on. It took awhile, but finally summer-like conditions are here. Enjoy....Or you can complain about it & be miserable for the next month or soangry. I'll choose to enjoy it.  Speaking of heat, hope you enjoyed my interview with Las Vegas headliner Mike Hammer. Mike's been at the Four Queens Hotel/Casino for over 3 years now, and really is a neat guy. His comedy/magic show continues to be one of the best shows in Vegas. If fact, he's currently rated #22 out of 527 attractions in Las Vegas according to The neat thing about this site is, it's folks like you & me giving the ratings, not some paid writer. The Canyan Showroom is a relitively small venue for Vegas (seats about 200 comfortably) but being so close makes it awesome. I've seen Mike's show 3 times now, and each is different due to the various audiences. When in Vegas, check out the show and if you tell me it wasn't worth the price of admission, bring me your ticket stub & I'll give you your money back. I WILL....NOT HAMMER!! Check out my interview with him on this blog site.
Enjoy summer ya'll
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Happy 4TH of July
Click Here to listen to the DJ RIck Interview with MIke Hammer

Much like Christmas, the 4th of July is for our kids & grandkids. Yes, there's great meanings to both major holidays, but its the presents, and parades & fireworks that puts a smile on our faces as we get older. The look on the kids faces after opening up that truck or doll, or seeing "BoBo the Clown" make a rabbit out of ballons during a parade is sure a lot of fun. But let's not forget the real reason to celebrate the season (Winter or Summer).
And on a very sad note for me, my sons 13 year old french bulldog died yesterday as a result of being left on my sons porch at his Las Vegas condo for an hour. My son had 13 different things to do yesterday morning, and forgot about his best friend, out in the 118 degree oven know as a "Las Vegas Summer". There's many very sad details to this story, but try telling him that a pet is just a pet!!!   R.I.P. Jasmine......You'll be missed by all that loved ya.
I'd like to end this weeks blog with something clever like "Hope your 4th is a BANG, but ........

Talk to ya on the radio, after me, Nance, and grandson Ethan do the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dells mini 5 day vacation. 
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