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The End is near!!
YES IT IS!! Summer (the little temperture wise that we enjoyed) is almost over. I know, fall doesn't officially get here until Sept 22nd, but I've always considered Labor Day as the unofficial end to summer. Get out and have some fun, with community celebrations going on in Glidden and Prentice and the Ashland County Fair also going on 60 miles north of here.
Speaking of celebrations, I'll be part of Prentice early weekend activities, as I host the Neon Glow Fun Run at Prentice Pines Golf Course. Should be a lot of fun. These "Fun Run's" have become very popular around the midwest. What a neat little twist ......Running in the dark with neon braclets, necklaces and anything else that glows.
On another less than positive note, our prayers go out to Russell Rambo, the young man who lost his mother due to a domestic situation a few days ago. We hear about this kind of thing in the big cities, but very seldom in rural northern Wisconsin. And this is the kind of situation where Joels "Time-Out Family Abuse" fundraiser comes into play. Many thanks for the over $12,000 that was donated by our great 98QCountry listeners. You are the best!!!
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Hot, Hot, Hot..
Yes it is, & I'm lovin it.
Thanks to everyone for stopping by our 98Q Country tent at the Price County Fair over the weekend. It's always great to be able to talk to our listeners at events like this. By the way...Hope to see all you runners down at the Neon Glow Fun Fun at the Prentice Pines Golf Course Friday night. It should be a blast with everyone doning the neon stuff!! And if you haven't signed up yet, I'll be giving away 2 more pair of tickets later this week on my afternoon show. (I'll do almost anything to get my listenership up smiley. Talk to ya on the radio
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Well, the 4th of July, Pioneer Days and Flambeau Rama are history, and that signals only one...make that 3 things to come. Falling leaves, back to school for da kiddies, and Green Bay Packer footbaall. OK, Prentice and Glidden still have community festivals coming up, along with the Price County Fair, but where the heck did our summer go. I'm thinking we got cheated by our mother, whose in charge of Nature!!! In fact, did we even get a summer here in 2013? I used my air conditioner 2 days. TWICE, THAT WAS IT!!  But like someone once said...."No sense in complaining 'bout it".
On a brighter note, Happy Birthday to us. Hope to see you Wednesday at the station for fun, games, live music by our very own Tammy Phillips and her better half, Jason. I'll drag a mic and some CD's out on the lawn, and broadcast my entire afternoon show from there. Stop by for a brat, something to drink ( cervasa) and a piece of birthday cake. If you've got a favorite story of the stations 60 years serving northern Wisconsin, come over & share it with us "on air". Also, Joel is waiving his normal $25 autograph fee and will be signing for free. We'll also be giving tours of our 98Q studios, which should take about 22 seconds if you drag your feet.
Until next time, be good, I'll talk to ya on the radiocool
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