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Merry Christmas !!
Greetings from your favorite afternoon dj at 98Q Country (of course, I'm the only one!). Something happened yesterday for the 1st time in my 14+ years at the station. Our main studio control board just died!! DIED! I went to play our 98 Lights of Christmas, flipped a few switches....and BOOM.....everything went dark. I guess if you stick around long enough, you'll see it all. Anyway, thanks to another studio, our show will go on as our highly trained engineering staff fix the problem.
How 'bout this weather? Our rotten year of weather is continuing. No spring, very little summer, a poor fall, and now a January-like November/December!! Thanks a lot Mother.
Stay warm.....I'll talk to ya on the radio
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Winter Wonderland!!
The 1st major snowfall of winter is currently residing on the lawns and streets of northern Wisconsin. Good news indeed for tourists, local snowmobile enthusists, and resort owners alike!! Looks like plenty more is on the way thru Thursday morning. YIPPEEEE!
The Green Bay Packer season sure has went down the drain the last 5 games without Aaron Rogers. Man, I never knew 1 man could make that much of a difference. There's no way we make the playoffs this year as it stands now. No offense, no defense and no Aaron Rogers. Four short weeks ago we looked at the schedule and asked "Who's going to beat us"? Now we look at it and ask "Who can we beat"? Oh well...Only 82 days till the Brewers report to Maryvale Arizona :)

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