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As the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers once said "What the hell is going on here?". In my 38 years living in Park Falls, I've never seen anythiong like it. Heck, I just got back from 2 weeks in Mexico and it now seems like I never even went!!!!!
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Back we are after a 2 week get-away in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. And it was not all fun & games. I actually put the Tequila bottle down and learned some facts about Mexico. First off, a few misconceptions about our friends down south. You CAN drink the water and not worry about getting sick. Truth be known....their agua (water), is purified several more times that our water and is super safe. Second..Crime in Mexico does NOT run wild! The Mexican government is as strict as any for law violations. In fact being caught with a joint, will land you in jail for 2 years. TWO YEARS! And your family is responsible for feeding you the entire two years. Even a little parking violation will get your license plates removed from your vehicle. You then have to go to the "city Hall", and pay the fine before returning to the road.
So wasn't just about the snorkeling, parasailing, 4 wheeling, eating, drinking, swimming, and fun in the sun!!!!
Adios Amigos !
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