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Wisconsin Badgers in the ELITE 8. Gotta love it!! ON WISCONSIN....
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YUP....I now know why they call it "March Madness". The older you get, the more easy going & tranguil you should be. Right? Wrong! During the Badger/Oregon game Saturday night I found myself yelling and screaming at the TV (Just like I used to 15-20 years ago). Then, during one of my outbursts I'm thinking..."They can't hear you, Rick".
My wife, Nancy, wasn't home, thank goodness. She would have thought I was crazy!!!
My 3 cats took the blunt of my tyraids.The other thing is , thank goodness it's winter, and my windows were all closed. My neighbors definately would have though about calling the cops in a domestic disturbance possibility!! STAY WARM......wait, I'm not sure that's possible this spring!! ON WISCONSIN :)
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Spring Has Sprung ??
We're certainly hopin' it's coming. Man, what a l-o-n-g winter. Yesterdays high of 52 made it feel more like 72. I saw folks out without jackets & short sleeves. But hold on Bubby Louie......tomorrows high is predicted at 17!!
'Ol Mother Nature....what a teaser.
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What does one do when you have a Sunday off and the temperture doesn't get above zero? ANSWER: Head to an indoor event. And what a job the Flambeau Hospital Foundation did in putting together the Men's Sport & Health Expo. Fantastic event for both men AND women. A ton of events for all to enjoy, topped off by the guest speaker this year Gilbert Brown. Great speaker, who had a terrific story about his brother who might have been with us had he had a check-up on a lump on his chest. Turned out to be breast cancer and killed him at a very young age.
Thanks a ton Flambeau Hospital for helping to make us forget about this brutal winter. At least for a few hours :)
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