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Tomorrow is the much heralded "Wisconsin Recall Election". Hopefully it will all come to an end. Does Scott Walker continue to hold the position he was elected to serve? OO, does Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett move to our states capital? This will only be the 3rd attempt in U.S. history to oust an incumbant govenor.
Now, I'm not a big political guy.....I don't follow it as close as some folks do. But to me....and forget which side you're on, a couple things.
1. When you're elected to a 4 year term, don't you get the full 4 years to complete your job? Then, someone else ( who thinks they can do a better job) gets a shot at you.
2. Could the estimated 9 million dollars that the taxpayers are kicking in for this, have been used better?
Depending on which side you're on, the answers to these two questions will vary. To me, I'm just happy it all will end sometime tomorrow evening when the last person walks out of the voting booth.
And one more question.....If Tom Barrett is successful in the recall, are we looking at another recall next year?????
Enough from the cheap seats.......get out & vote!!!!

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06/04/2012 9:07AM
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06/04/2012 9:14AM
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