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Man, we're almost into May and we still can't shake the February/March-like weather. What the heck is going on? As I said on the afternoon show yesterday....After seeing what Alabama and Tennesse have had to deal with the last week or so, I guess cold temps and a little dusting of snow isn't all that bad. Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to all involved, directly and indirectly.
Hope to see you June 22nd, for our annual trek down to Miller Park in Milwaukee. It's been a blast in the past, and this year will be no different. These trips are actually pretty funny. We take off at 6am sharp and everyone is kind of quiet. You can hear a pin drop. You get to Wausau or Stevens Point and you hear a few cans of whatever open. The cribbage boards come out and everyone starts loosening up. Great prizes are distributed to lucky fans, and by the time we stop for lunch, everyone's ready to party at Miller Park. As we take off from the wayside the noise level is up several decibals up from 2 hours earlier. As we approach the stadium, everyone wants to get that 1st glance at the beautiful complex, and are jockeying for window space to the right and chants of "Here we go Brewers, here we go!!" can be heard.
The ride home is  priceless!! Really..........While departing the parking lot, folks are discussing their afternoon at the park..... that ball in batting practice that they almost snagged down the 3rd base line, the great taste of brats & burgers, how awesome the stadium is,  the autographs they landed,and the various key plays in the game. An hour into the trip back, it's back to "6am mode" with several folks trying to catch up on sleep. Very few cribbage boards are opened, and only the occasional snap of a beer can are heard.
Ah Yes!!!!!  Life on the annual 98Q-Country Brewer bus trip. As the Beach Boys once sang, " Fun, Fun, Fun." Hope to see you there. We're filling up our 3rd, and final bus right now. Don't miss the party!! Call 98Q today to get on the bus, Gus.........

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04/29/2011 1:24PM
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