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Well, our annual trek to Miller Park is history. If you were one of the 160 folks on board, hope you had a great time. I talked to several of you this morning, and the one question I got was "When is the sign-up for next year"?
The Brewers winning the game, and scoring 9 runs was definately a bonus! 9 Runs and a Grand Slam don't happen every day either. This certainly has been a magical year so far for the Crew. They have the 2nd best record in major league baseball. Not even the most die-hard Brewer fan could have guessed that. All I can say is "ENJOY IT". Hopefully the best is yet to come :)
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5"-8" of wet, heavy snow predicted for the next couple days? WHEN DOES THIS ALL END?
DJ Rick's Secret Word: BOZO
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Today will be our 1st day in the 60's this year. 70's can't be far behind!!
There sure is a lot to be happy about if you're a Wisconsin sports fan. Our Badgers make a super run a a national title, and the Brewers are looking very good entering the 2nd week of the season. (I know...It's ony 8 games so far). How about Ryan Braun hitting 3 home runs yesterday in Philadelphia!! You can bet your bottom dollar MLB was in the locker room after the game doing some testing.
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Wisconsin Badgers in the ELITE 8. Gotta love it!! ON WISCONSIN....
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