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Happy Fall

Well, here we are. Same ol' stuff....leaves are falling, temps are cooler, and snow (YES, SNOW!!) has been seen on the ground. The only thing different this year is our state football teams ability to dominate as in years past. Both the Badgers & Packers seem to be average. You can blame a lot of different items for the downturn. No running game, injuries, the quarterbacks holding the ball too long, THE REF"S.........But maybe, just maybe, we're not as talented as in years past!!
The good news......There's a long way to go. Keep the faith!!!!!

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10/09/2012 12:15PM
Happy Fall
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10/20/2012 3:16PM
Yeah! Go Packers!
I agree with you DJ Rick, I think GreenBay will be ok. They just had some tough games. Watch out for them Milwaukee Bucks! They're going to be better than most people think! Cheers From SD!
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