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I'M OK....

After ranting last week about getting in this years 98Q NCAA Pool (which I can't win, even if I did win), several folks told me to "chill out & Relax", and they were correct. This whole pool, which is played by over 100 million americans (no stats, I'm just throwing that out there), is supposed to be a fun thing, and luck is the major part of it. I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed that day :(
An hour before the pool deadline, I figured, what the heck, and got in. After being in 6th place going into Sundays games, I've dropped down to 12th. Heaven forbid...Art Dunham is ahead of me!! ART DUNHAM!! Now I REALLY wish I wouldn't have got in this foolish garbage. All I have to say is Joel better not go ahead of me, or I may do something foolish :)
Enjoy the rest of the tournament, and I hope you get lucky. It sure has been fun watching two #15 seeds upset the #2's. Go Marquette and Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!

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03/20/2012 11:34AM
I'M OK....
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