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Unlike a certain morning DJ, I choose to make my NFL selections while sober!!! My only thought if he was sober, was that after embarrassing himself the last few years making his picks, he figured putting the teams in a hat and picking would end up better!!
After several weeks of digging through stats, compiling notes, and flipping coins, here will be your winners:
AFC East: NE
AFC North: Baltimore
AFC South: Houston
AFC West: San Diego
AFC Wildcard: Jets
NFC East: Phil
NFC North: PACKERS (of course)
NFC South: Saints
NFC West: St. Louis
NFC Wildcard: Atlanta
Super Bowl: Packers beat Patriots on it. OR NOT!!

Now that the tough stuff is done on this blog, I'd like to thank Marlene Setterman and Family for hosting a fun/low key 98 -Q Backyard BBQ. Unlike several years, where alcohol led to table dancing and other lewd activities, this was very enjoyable and relaxing. ( I kid about the lewd stuff) I don't think I need to eat today. Food was wonderful, including all those desserts.
This will be the last post for awhile, as I head down to St. Joesphs Hospital in Marshfield for 7-10 days to have part of my colon and appendex removed. This is something thats been going on for 2 1/2 years and needs to get taken care of. I'm very confident that the professionals down there will have me 100% very shortly, and on the mend. The 5-8 weeks of rest (with no work) will give me plenty of time to watch the Brewers make a run in the playoffs, and Packer football!!! I know what you're thinking......"Some people will do anything to watch sports". One thing is for certain...I sure will miss afternoons, with you, at 98-Q.  Talk to ya down the line......................

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09/13/2011 8:44AM
NFL, Health & more......
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09/13/2011 9:29PM
Afternoon Show
Take care of your self Rick and hurry back soon. "The Phillips Painter"
09/14/2011 2:38PM
well wishes
Hope all goes well, will be listening for your return
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