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The panel of 3 judges ruled in favor of Brewer Ryan Braun late last week, and if you're a Brewer fan, it's great news. It not only clears Braun of any wrong-doing, but lets the Brewer left fielder play the 2012 season from the start. I'm not sure the Brewers could have treaded water for the first 50 games w/o Braunny. Now, only vague details are in, with plenty more to come, but I totally believe that the right decision was made. Ryan Braun knows the rules, just signed a huge, new contract, & had too much to lose by getting involved with illegal substances. What happened to his urine sample for 44 hours after he supplied it? Nobody knows!! Plus, the level of testosterone in his system was 3 times that of the highest recorded value of anyone before him. "3 TIMES". That's almost humanly impossible!! My thinking is, someone wanted to make damn sure he was above the legal limits. Stay Tuned....there's certainly lots more to come on this. Speaking of "more to come".....Get ready for most likely our biggest snow storm of the year by mid-week. SNOWMOBILERS REJOICE!!! 

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02/27/2012 6:57AM
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