The REAL side of Joel Karnick's my first trip ever to Miami.....and I have a few observations. 

1)  I can now say I've been to a foreign country, because a very high percentage of the people here speak a foreign language.  People look rather strangely at us when we we speak English.  In fact, we stopped at a frozen lemonade stand at the beach today, and I said "One frozen lemonade".  She looked at me with a quizzical I said again "Frozen....Lemondade".  She opened the cooler, pointed to the ice and said "This?".  I said yes.  You would think that the first phrase you would learn in English for this job would be the product you are trying to sell.  Just sayin'. 

2)  I also learned the hard way that taxi cab's do not pick you up at the beach.  After three miles of walking, and calls to three different cab companies, we finally made it to a "place of business", and they found us a 1/2 hour later.  We are sunburnt on day 2 of the trip, but not quite the way we had imagined.  There are probably a thousand taxi cabs in Miami, but none that wanted to acknowledge us at the beach.  Oh well, not a bad place to be stuck. 

3)  Seaquarium in Miami is absolutely awesome.   To see a 7,000 pound whale go airborne right in front of you is unbelievable.  
This is a must see if you ever travel to Miami.  

4)  Miami Vice may have been a terrible show, but it's a wonderful drink.  

5)  If you ask the lady at the Miami Heat Arena if there are tours available of the stadium, expect the answer to be...."Never!"
Just a simple no would have been fine.  

6)  When taking a long plane trip, watching the original "Planet of the Apes" movie on your laptop makes the time fly fast.....and gives you weird dreams that night.  

Have a great week everyone!  See you Monday, May 6th
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